John Chidesy Tribute

TL CHIDSEY FRONTLymington CC is sad to report the death of John Chidsey who was a prolific batsman for the club between 1956 and 1970. John regularly topped the batting averages, scoring over 500 runs in 1961 and more than 400 on a number of other occasions including the 1964 season when he was the club’s player of the year.

Former club historian Norman Gannaway described John as an ‘enterprising striker of the ball’, while one of John’s Lymington teammates, Brian Hobby, paid the following tribute: “Born of a cricketing and farming family, John’s father Vic could be described as ‘Mr Hordle Cricket Club’ being chairman, secretary and captain as well as being an accomplished batsman. He indeed installed the game into John whose fine batting abilities were acknowledged in local cricketing circles. Cricket then at Lymington was played only on Saturdays and John joined the club but remained playing for Hordle on Sundays. John was a very fine batsman, maintaining an average around the thirties for most of his time, He was a joy to watch having been well coached and was particularly strong on the offside and possessed a classic cover drive. His average was indeed of high quality considering that in those times covered consistent wickets were unknown. Pitches were often rain-affected with the ball ‘spitting off a length ‘ or spinning at right angles on what were known as ‘sticky dogs’. One of John’s best innings was against Deanery who were by far the best team in Hampshire back then and who always fielded several Hampshire squad players. John scored 88, crashing the ball to the offside boundary. John occasionally appeared for the Hants Club & Ground side, such was his ability. As a person John was a quiet, almost shy man, but was always the perfect gentleman and a great asset to the club,”