Three best pills to use for weight loss

At the time of weight loss, doctors might tell you, in addition to a healthy diet and physical activity, the use of a pill that can burn accumulated fat, inhibit fat absorption  in the intestine to fight against water retention. But, it is essential to emphasize that the use of natural remedies should only be carried out if indicated by a health professional, since they can be associated with a series of side effects. Here are some pills that can help you lose weight fast.

Orlistat pill

It is a drug that works by preventing the absorption of fat in the intestine, which reduces the amount of calories absorbed in the intestine, promoting weight loss while controlling cholesterol levels. This pill is indicated for obese or overweight people who have associated risk factors. However, it should not be used as a solution to consuming more high-fat foods daily.  It is advisable to take 1 capsule of 50 to 115 mg just after one hour of each meal. And it is not recommended to take the drug if the meal does not contain fat.

Sibutramine pill

It is a pill that works by decreasing hunger and causing the feeling of fullness to reach the brain faster, thus helping to control the amount of food ingested. For this, it can be used as a first treatment for obese people. In addition, it is recommended for people on a diet, but having great difficulty controlling hunger and wanting to eat more sweet and fatty foods. It is advisable to take 1 capsule of 10 mg each morning on an empty stomach. But if weight loss does not occur after a month of use, you need to consult a doctor.

Liraglutide pill

It is one of the best injectable diet pills.  Liraglutide has multiple effects. It operates on both the central nervous system and the digestive system. It is an analogue of GLP 1, a hormone that helps reduce stomach motility while making it take longer to empty and improving insulin secretion. This pill increases satiety and makes the person eat less.

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